Training Tips

Importance tips to keep in mind while training.

Right Shoes

Make sure you have a decent pair of running shoes. You need to wear your running shoes during the training program before you wear them in the half marathon. Have at least 60 to 80 meters logged on your shoes before racing in them.

Always Stay Hydrated

Being hydrated during your training helps you to stay healthy and injury-free. If you do not have the required amount of water during training, you will feel weak, cramping, and dizzy.

Training Schedule

Keeping your training on track is essential to tackling a half marathon in 8 weeks. Never divert your mind from your training and always stay focused. Stick to your 8-week training plan.

Keep track of your progress
Always keep a log of your progress as you stick to your training plan
Don’t overdo it
Overexerting yourself often leads to injury so don’t overdo it, train at your own pace.



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